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This Month's Meeting

April 28, 2015
Johanna Rothman
What Makes You a Great Test Leader?
We’ve heard that leaders eat last or that they ask why. We’ve heard that leadership is doing the right things or influencing others. We’ve heard that leaders have the vision and take people where they want to go. Leadership might be all of those things. Does that describe you as a test leader? Great test leaders lead from their personal mission. They adapt to their context. They can solve problems, not alone, but with others. They develop other people, so they can create an organization that has more capacity than it did before. We’ll discuss missions and how they work to help you do great work and not do work that is meaningless. Learn how you can increase your adaptability and perseverance, hallmarks of a great leader. Consider how you might solve problems across the organization, helping other people develop their skills for their benefit and the organization.

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